Tecnical Department

Thanks to a very high standard of flexibility due to the technical knowledge and cutting-edge technology, the company can respond promptly and accurately to the demands of its customers, being able to provide a complete product: from technical development to the cut, from the preparation to carpentry, from mechanical to heat treatment, from blasting to painting, to the delivery of a product ready for assembly.

  • Work under the project, through a competent technical service, aimed at improving the production, by assisting the customer in the design phase in order to optimize costs.
  • Technical Information System SOLIDWORKS in CAD & 3D, continually up-dated to the latest version.
  • Development LANTEK nesting sheet metal cutting, continually up-dated to the latest version.
  • Careful management and collection of material certificates, to allow immediate tracking and control.
  • Production planning of information system (launch of work orders) to ensure timely delivery.